Sep 18

In building a website, there are two pillars you need to understand. They are website domain names and the hosting services. The combination of those two things is the one to make sure your website can work properly.

And if you are going to monetize your website, of course, you need to get the best domain name and also hosting service. To find the best hosting service might not be that hard because you can simply use the highly reputable service and then you can expect the best service too. However, when it comes to the domain name, things can be even more complicated. It is not about the quality of the service to provide the domain for you but it is rather about the idea in dealing with domain name choice.

The name will become the brand of your online business. Thus, you must make sure the domain is catchy, attractive, simple, related to your business, and easy to remember. That way you can have great expectation for the people to recognize your online business later on. Once you have determined your domain name, you should still need to get the best service for domain registration so there will not be any problem later on.

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