Sep 10

Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is an important way to develop a website. The domain is very influential with difficult or easy SEO website you want to develop. Before determining a domain name and create a website, I suggest you spend a little time to read this article.

1. Having keywords and use the domain .com
The good domain name can help your website to compete and win the keyword competition. That’s why in the SEO competition, there is a ban on the use of domain names for the participants. Then, I suggest you use a domain .com which is a Top Level Domain and the most memorable of others. It is basically used for commercial websites.

2. Short and easy to read
We certainly will easily remember something short. But it is sometimes hindered constraint that the name has been used by another person. If we find a short name that quickly, then quickly to make a name as a domain name. Do not forget also the spelling that is memorable so that others easy to remember name.

3. A unique name
The domain name will be very good if you manage to find keywords with a unique format and rarely used by others. It makes your visitors will be easy to remember your domain name quickly and it will certainly lead to good effect for your website.

4. Avoid the use of (-)
Some studies suggest that in fact the name of the use (-) will be more easily forgotten. Many visitors often forget the name behind the dash. So, avoid using hyphens to the domain you want to use a bit of your website visitors can remember the domain name and will be back to visit your website regularly.

Some ways are the best ways that you can use to make a good domain name for the website. Hurry up to make a name then your idea is owned by someone else.

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