Dec 12

Manage Your Website

A good management is very vital for your website if you want to make your website more update and fresh. By providing fresh and update content in your website, you can increase the amount of customers and blog readers to your website. Besides it will make your website rank well in search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Here are some tips on how to manage your website.

First, you can manage your web by creating template for your website. Template includes menus, header, and footer that will help you to speed up the work of your website. Besides, by creating beautiful template, your web visitors will be enjoying your web no matter what the content is. Second, do not forget to backup your pages. This will help you to keep the original file of your web. So that, when there is an error message while you try to post something you can easily recover it by posting from your original file.

Thirdly, regularly check the broken links in your website. Your visitor will easily go away from your website if they find out that the links you provide are broken. Make sure that you correct them right way when you notice that the links are dead. The last, maintain the speed of your website. To speed up your web, you can manage the graphic. It includes resizing the image in JPEG, GIF and other extension.

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