Oct 25

It doesn’t matter whether you own a “Bob’s Small Business” or “Big Company Inc.”, you need to build good will with your customers. If you have a bad reputation with the average consumer, your company will suffer. In the short term it could only be a few lost sales, but in the long term if people see you as uncaring or even just apathetic you will lose more and more money as word gets around. This is especially true with the internet gaining widespread usage. Thankfully the internet is also the answer.

Though the internet is a place where customers can get in contact with each other for better for worst, it is also a place where you can communicate with far more of your customers than you ever could face to face or even via mail. To make things simpler, let’s divide the ways you can build your reputation online into two categories; proactive and reactive.

To be proactive, you need to establish an online presence that will help you build loyal customers who will in turn spread word that increases your good reputation. Just look at any company overview of Reputation.com, Inc. to get some good ideas on how you can handle this. Just as some examples, you can make a Facebook page for your company or company forums. Make sure to hire people to communicate with the people who post on each.

To be reactive on the other hand, you need to actively seek out bad reviews of your goods and services and address them. Sometimes this can be as easy as organizing an effort to ‘dislike’ their post or get them reported. Other times the best response is to post back publicly apologizing and asking how amends could be made. If they accept it you have another loyal customer, while if they reject it anyone reading will at least know you tried. It is highly recommended you hire a company that specializes in this sort of thing for this practice, as a bad word can tarnish your reputation far more than the review does.

To build a good reputation and avoid lost sales, you simply need to put yourself out there on the internet. When you are trying to bring loyal customers together in a digital space and trying to make amends for any grievances people have, customers will know you care and will respond to it.

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