Mar 13

Plugins for WordPress Sites

For you who have been using WordPress for your blogging activities, you must be friendly with anything had by WordPress including the plugins you need to support develop your website. On the other hand, you may get some problems to adapt well with the WordPress especially if you are new in using and installing it. Well, if you need some references of useful WordPress plugins, keep reading this.

  1. All in One SEO Pack. Search Engine Optimization is the thing you need to master and apply to win the tight competition between bloggers from all around the globe. It allows you to control anything so that your website posts will be SEO friendly just like what you wish.
  2. Akismet. If you think that you need no spam through comments, this is the plugin for you. It really works in protecting your blog from any potential spam.
  3. AdSense Delux. This is the one you need to support your Pay-per-click online earning. You can manage your Google AdSense by using this.
  4. Google Analytics for WordPress. This one easily tracks your WordPress blog with a lot of metadata. Page views, views per author and category are no longer problem to be analyzed.

Well, it is your time to install the plugins. Make sure that you learn and learn about them all. If you need something more, there are still a lot of options you have for your online activities.

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