Jan 31

I remember when websites used to be simple. You had some text and some very simple graphics. That was back when people used dial-up for their connections. There just was not the bandwidth available to have high-resolution images or video. Now you can have 3D views of the interiors of cars and other things and 4K video. It is amazing how far things have come. However, you have to appropriately and tastefully use the technology, otherwise you just will end up with a flashy website with no real content. That is why we hired the Michigan web design company that we did.

We wanted our website to have a very elegant and smooth professional look. However, we also wanted it to have top quality content that our customers would find very useful. We wanted to generate sales, and we wanted them to always come back to our website when they were interested in anything about the products we offered. We wanted to be their information source and their lead for ideas on how to use our products. Through a mix of content on our site, content provided by customers who use our products and social media, we ended up with a winning website design that is getting plenty of new customers to call us.

I would say that our website is our number one lead generator and customer acquisition tool. It stands above our other marketing methods. I remember when we relied on the phone book, newspaper and some local radio advertising. When we opened up the online version of our business, we went national overnight. Now we are into some global markets. Our website has to appear to the potential customer in their native language. All the backend code does that. It recognizes what country customers are the accessing the domain from, and the website design takes care of the rest. We are very pleased with the results.

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