Feb 13

How to Change WordPress Theme

Changing WordPress theme may sound so easy. However, you need to know the steps to change the theme completely because it will affect the look of your WordPress page. Therefore, you should also know how to setup your hosting and domain to optimize the theme. Here are some steps on how to change WordPress theme.

If you have free account, you can simply log in to WordPress.com and select Appearance menu and after that clock on Themes link. After the Themes link appear, just select your favorite theme and activate it. However, if you have domain name and host, you need to go to ftp client such as Godaddy which can upload a new theme for your domain. But before that, you should download your theme and place it in a folder which can be easily found. Then you can go to ftp client and upload your theme to yourblogname.com/wp-content/themes.

After you change the theme with the ftp client, log in to your blog admin and click on the Appearance menu and Themes link. Right away, you will see the preview of your theme and if you like it just clicks Activate. Finally you have successfully changed your theme and start to explore furthermore.

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