May 16

Web Security

Isn’t it dangerous to let your web, or any other accounts, stands alone without proper web security? You should realize that most of violence to your web comes from your own ignorance in protecting your asset. Well, the basic things below could be only a reminder for you. However, it is still crucial and risky to ignore these basic aspects.

You have to strengthen your passwords. If it is possible, you should make sure that you keep renewing your passwords regularly. It is also important to keep your passwords private and do not ever use the same passwords for different accounts.

Update your versions. Updating the newest versions of Windows, WP, and the antivirus will surely effective to avoid unwanted problems. This effort, at least, will make any hackers to work harder and longer to bother your web.

Check the links linked to your website. Experts call this one as open redirects that may really open the chance for attack. Anytime you find suspicious backlinks to your web, execute them.

Host your web trustfully. Some hosting providers may not that concern to web security. Choosing the one with great focus on the security, such as the one with suPHP, must be the best idea.

Once again about the web security, it is about how care you are in managing your web. You may even want to invest in services like data recovery new york for and data or important files you may lose.  Your ignorance may bring you to destructive results.

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