Feb 20

hacked WordPress

Burglary and destruction threat is a major threat when a webmaster has created the website which is then displayed on the internet. Many cases of error that occurred due to the negligence webmasters to make certain protection as the password is used to enter the admin pages, themes and also update the plugin is used.

First, you must know what is happening on your website. This would indicate a pretty clear indication. There are actions or suspicious activity and not known at the page created or unknown user appear on the website. Then Google Webmaster will also send you a warning that your website maybe harmful or even the front page of your website will be defaced.

Secondly, you have to backup the content on your website using WordPress export tool. You would have to make up as well for plugin and theme settings if they use it. After that, check the list of plugins you use. You must install new plugins from WordPress Plugin Directory and make sure that you are using the latest version plugins. You must be careful when using the plugin and make sure that you use the plugin compatible with your wordpress version, server settings or any issues related to security issues.

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